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A Look At Fundamental Details For House Of Pheromones

Pheromones are starting to be in high demand for high profile perfume and cologne manufacturers. 

Several companies are now turning to "pheromones", to create a brand new marketing angle which could explode the colognes and perfumes market in the near future. 

While this is likely to undergo serious testing by the FDA before it's release, marketing companies are trying to build real life "axe commercial" type scents that will send their sales into a frenzy. 

Unfortunately, there are still many unanswered questions about how exactly all sorts of harmful chemicals make their way into mainstream retail without any sort of real scrutiny (even Europe has banned parabens because of their disruptive effects on human hormone levels.

Because of this, I feel it is a very negative thing if this happens to go through... why? Because like I said, pheromones can actually be absorbed through the skin, and along with alcohol as a carrier can cause some pretty nasty side effects like putting your endocrine levels and hormones out of wack. 

While it's unlikely to be significant, there is no denying that putting them under the FDA's scrutiny would probably be a very bad day for the pheromone vendors we all love. Plenty of kickass products would suddenly be left without a good home. People would revolt in the streets (okay, maybe not but come on... we love our pheromones).

So what does this mean?

For now, not much. Until a major company like Paco Rabanne or YSL or Dior decides to drop a groundbreaking new pheromone infused product on the market, we don't really have too much to worry about. My personal advice would be to just keep your pheromone use private and under the radar. 

Remember, pheromone vendors like Liquid Alchemy Labs and PheromoneXS are still in their infancy... they are the epitome of progressive companies who continue to grow larger and advance their technology, and one day may have an empire of next generation products that we can't even dream up right now. 

Each year, the stakes get raised higher... who will have the best product on the market? We can't predict for sure, but there is no shortage of new products popping up on the market making up ridiculous claims. We just have to know how to avoid them, and support the vendors that work hard to bring us crazy formulas which blow us away every year. 

Thank you for reading.